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Tune in to these podcast interviews and webinars to learn more about my background in theatre, how I began my yoga practice, how I navigate challenges, and so much more!

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Reducing Your Stress by Breaking Up with Your Patterns, with Veronique Ory

If you are ready to start the new year and want to show up on your mat more regularly, move with more freedom, or get out of your head and into your body to destress and improve your life all around, then today’s episode is for you.

The Unique Way: A Yogi’s Best Friend: “Shine On & Off the Mat”

Veronique gives advice for new yoga teachers & what she’s learned through the years, the power of Equanimity, consistency & discipline, all the juicy deets regarding her new book & so much more!

Direction Not Perfection: "Shine On & Off The Mat"

We are celebrating Veronique Ory’s Book release of “Shine On & Off The Mat”!

Veronique invites you to join her on a 52-week yoga journey!

Like Nobody's Business: Shining On + Off The Mat with Veronique Ory

Veronique’s evolution from surviving as the founder of a Nonprofit theater company to thriving as a yoga instructor, retreat leader, + author in just a few short years.

Yoga Master Class by Veronique Ory

Guiding you through a cooling yoga practice for Pitta season. I’m a 500 hour yoga instructor with an emphasis on themed yoga classes to inspire connecting mind, body, and soul.

Secrets to Creating Optimum Health and Longevity

Learn tips and tricks from experts on how you can optimize living a naturally healthier lifestyle and create the best version of yourself starting today and long into your golden years.


Secrets to Creating Optimum Health and Longevity

Providing tips to optimize your health and guard yourself against diseases naturally without side effects. These little golden nuggets you’ll get are simple steps you can do right away to boost your overall health.

Yoga with Veronique

If you need some prompting to show up in your life with love and compassion, to remember self-love, please listen to my chat with Veronique because it will make you feel really good. 

Live. Love. Engage. podcast

Veronique Ory’s Blueprint for Mindfulness and Well-Being.

Are you searching for a blueprint to bring your mind and body into harmony for overall well-being? You’ll want to tune in and find out Veronique Ory’s secret for achieving a state of optimal mental and physical health.

Yoga Journal

Yes, Yoga Can Help You Get Over Your Ex. Here’s How, According to Experts.

Your physical practice can help lessen the emotional intensity of a bad breakup.


Florida-based yoga teacher Veronique Ory says her practice shape-shifted from a traditional vinyasa structure to something less scripted during a rough breakup.


The 15 Best Yoga Retreats for Women Over 50

Experts share the perfect destinations for your wellness journey.

Yoga with Veronique is an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a life-changing retreat that promises rejuvenation, self-discovery, and profound connection.

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