Yoga with Veronique, Testimonials.
Thoughtful, experienced, challenging! Veronique exemplifies the inspired teacher we all seek!
Patrick Westcott
Veronique, you helped me get into my body and out of my mind. So I can play, learn to move my body in new ways. You have a great awareness of how your students’ bodies are moving and your hands-ons adjustments release the tension in the body, allowing a person to move deeper into a pose. Thank you for everything you have taught me,
Greg Just
Your yoga skills, execution and commitment to yoga deserves my unlimited acclaim! You are great! In the Autumn of life for me our paths have crossed and you somehow are adding a new Stay to my regimen. A self actualization of Body, Mind and Spirit. I am a grateful devotee!
I must say your emails and level yoga tips are great even if I am not doing it has pushed me in a sense that I can get back to yoga. Thank you all of your time you put into your beautiful yoga. You have gotten me to a better place. I feel so blessed that I have met you and even tried yoga (never would’ve though possible) Thank you.
Debby Brewster
Veronique’s innovative book empowers a holistic yoga experience by combining the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Her comprehensive teaching style is sure to deepen your practice, and her artistic touch with music and with words is an inspiration to experience.
Dana Slamp
The ideal guide for those desiring long term structure and gentle guidance for their movement and creative practices. Veronique brings her signature organization and logical, but creative and unique style to this inclusive and accessible offering. Whether you’re wanting asana, introspective journaling, exquisite storytelling and theme work, or all of the above, you’ll find it in Shine On & Off the Mat. You don’t want to miss this!
Yoga Teacher
Steph Gongora
I couldn’t love this offering more. More than a book, it is an experience and proposes a way in which you can not only work on your yoga practice, but link it very directly to your daily life. This gives you a way to digest and try on the information through a wonderful mix of reading and writing. Truly a beautiful expression of how story can meet practice to heal the heart and body.
Yoga Teacher
Miles Borrero
Veronique has mastered the dance of challenging while nurturing, of pushing and then letting go. Her teaching is marked by endless innovation, confidence in her students’ abilities, and a deep sense of the end game: feeling like your best self. This book is the perfect expression of her world. You will be lucky to enter it.
Adoring Student
Susanna Aaron
My favorite yoga teacher pours her heart and soul into the most perfect guide for anyone looking to discover themselves through the journey of yoga. Follow along to peel back all the layers of the self as Veronique so passionately and eloquently gives readers journal prompts, themes and shapes to follow. Full of captivating photos, inspiration and beauty. A must read for any level yogi.
Founder and Director of Rhythm and Soul, Vero Beach
Ashly Bille
You have helped me to take what I practice on the mat throughout the day!
I love your breathing and medication focus and your special evening classes … all your classes are amazing my friend
I just want to say thank you so much for offering up such inspiring and different and fabulously hard classes. I’m still working through cranky knee but you somehow always seem to target all the right places.
Linda Gardner
Try things I really didn’t want to. I conquered a headstand and a wheel with your help; Not an easy feat for a 65 years old lady. I enjoy your wonderful spirit, and your challenges …… and your love of yoga which is very contagious. 
Kelly Kompound
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