Terms of Service

Please read this document carefully and in full. By sending payment for the services provided by Yoga with Veronique, you hereby agree to the terms below. You agree to be legally bound by this agreement and release of liability. This is a binding legal contract between you and Veronique Ory, the lead instructor and leader of the Shine program (hereinafter “the Program”).

To participate in the Program, Participant must review and sign this Agreement and return it to Instructor. This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon execution by the parties. By making a payment, Participant accepts the subscription terms as outlined on our website. The subscription is an annual commitment, and no refunds are possible. Payment begins after the free trial period.

a. The total payment is determined by your selected package, as listed on our website.
b. The total payment includes the following, if applicable: access to Program materials including stories from the book “Shine,” on-demand classes (guided meditations, Vinyasa flows, and Yin deep stretches), curated playlists, and journal prompts.
c. The flat fee set forth above does not include airfare, meals, accommodations, and any other travel costs related to any associated retreats, which are the responsibility of the Participant.

Due to the annual commitment nature of the Program, refunds are not available.

Instructor reserves the right to cancel any retreat associated with the Program up to thirty (30) days prior to the start of the retreat if too few people have made reservations. In such an event, Participant will be given a full refund of any and all payments made to Instructor for that specific retreat.

In further consideration of Instructor inviting Participant to the Program, Participant provides the following additional waiver and release of liability for the practice of Yoga while participating in the Program.

At the Program, Participant may participate in Yoga classes taught by Instructor. Participant agrees and acknowledges that Yoga involves physical movements and activity and can be physically and mentally challenging, and therefore bears the risk of injury, illness, and even disability and/or death. Participant accepts all risks of participating in Yoga and assumes full responsibility for any and all injury, illness, and/or damages caused by their participation in Yoga. During Yoga, if Participant experiences any pain or significant discomfort, they agree to listen to and honor their body, discontinue the activity, notify Instructor immediately, and seek medical attention from a licensed physician. Participant understands and agrees that their participation in Yoga, in each class and in each pose, is voluntary, in their sole discretion, and at their own risk.

I acknowledge that all materials provided in the Program, including but not limited to written content, videos, audio recordings, and any other resources (collectively, the “Materials”), are the exclusive property of Veronique. I agree not to copy, reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from the Materials without express written permission from Veronique.

I agree to keep confidential all proprietary information shared during the Program. This includes, but is not limited to, techniques, methods, and any other unique aspects of the Program. I will not disclose such information to any third party without prior written consent from Veronique.

Any feedback, suggestions, or contributions I provide regarding the Program are given voluntarily and without expectation of compensation. I grant Veronique the right to use such feedback or contributions for any purpose, including improving the Program.

This waiver and release shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida. Any legal action or proceeding arising under this waiver shall be brought exclusively in the courts located in Vero Beach, Florida.

I have read this waiver and release of liability and fully understand its terms. I acknowledge that I am signing this agreement freely and voluntarily, intending to be bound by it.

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  • Curated music playlists to accompany your sessions
  • Journal prompts to ignite your growth and self-inquiry
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